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Domestic Money Transfer Services (IMPS / NEFT)

Now fund transfer has become very easy with payrupy money transfer service. Fill few details and send money to your loved ones anywhere in the country at lowest cost through any Payrupy money transfer retailer.

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Start Money Transfer Business with No Investment Required

At Payrupy we understand your concerns and try to come up with solutions to address those issues. We realized that sending money to your friends and family was still a difficult task for many and to solve that problem, we bring you PayRupy money transfer feature. It can be used to send money anywhere in India.

DMT also known as domestic money transfer is a method of transferring money to another bank account. Through Domestic Money Transfer Service, one can transfer cash through digital mode of NEFT or IMPS and remit money to any nationalized, rural or private bank.

PayRupy provides DMT solutions to help you set up DMT services from your retail shop. As a domestic money transfer agency. You can use our world class APIs to offer a range of banking services. Partner with PayRupy and start your home money transfer business without additional investment.

Objective of Money Transfer Service

money transfer service providerThe primary objective of the money transfer service is to facilitate the transfer and deposit of funds across various accounts. A domestic money transfer API typically uses modern digital technology of NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) and IMPS (Instant Payment Services). The easiest way to transfer money is through IMPS, which enables instant credit transfer to the account. You can enable this service for your local customers with Domestic Money Transfer White Label Services.

The reason for starting home money transfer service as a distributor or DMT agency is to meet the financial needs of worldly life. The DMT model is designed in such a way that it is possible to offer on-the-ground service to the end customers through a business correspondent or a domestic money transfer agent.

Here, instead of meeting the person in person, one can get the money transferred to the beneficiary’s account instantly through the DMT platform. We help you set up a home money transfer system at your business workplace.

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We Provide Low Cost Money Transfer Service

Online money transfer services in India have proved that customers no longer need to travel long distances or visit banks and stand in long lines.

With PayRupy money transfer service, every local and kirana shop can become an online money transfer facility. This enables customers to conveniently avail these facilities at their nearest shop or retail establishment while charging you the lowest for each money transfer, and earning you a higher commission for the transaction. Money Transfer Business is also available in Hindi and other local languages ​​for ease of use. Hence customers can transfer money to any corner of the country and the local language support makes it easy for them to understand each and every function.

Provide your customers efficient money transfer services that are safe and easy, with PayRupy money transfer service you can transfer funds even on public holidays or Sundays, which is available 24/7 with instant transmission. Becoming a money transfer business provider is cost-effective, convenient, and you can get a high commission on every money transfer transaction.

  1. The domestic money transfer portal lets customers Transfer Money to almost any bank nationalized, Private or Rural within few clicks.
  2. Aid in transferring money directly to the beneficiary account through the process of NEFT and IMPS.
  3. Transfer money online through the medium of PayRupy website and PayRupy mobile applications.
  4. Easy and secure transfer of money using the domestic money transfer API.
  5. No customer information is used or divulged with third-party with the domestic money transfer business. All the data is completely secured with the domestic money transfer white label solution.
  1. 24 X 7 transfer of money. No time constraints.
  2. Money can be transferred during Bank holidays too.
  3. Instant credit to the account no matter where the individual resides.
  4. Domestic money transfer business is helpful in paying remittance of migrant workers in India.
  5. All one requires is the beneficiary’s account number and ISFC code of the bank wherein the money needs to be deposited.
  6. Easy and efficient digital banking and cashless payment services to make banking easier.